Case Study: CityPoint

CityPoint is a skyscraper located on Ropemaker Street on the northern fringe of the City of London, the main financial district and historic nucleus of London.

CityPoint opened its new Reception in January 2014. The Visitors journey was at the heart of the new refurbishment project and has so far processed over 110,000 visitors since launch. (As of June 2015)

Before BluePoint, queues were at times, out of the door. BluePoint has greatly reduced the waiting time of Visitors using the QR code integration with turnstiles.Lee Murray, Site Manager

The Requirement

Part of the key requirements was the ability to integrate QR codes access management with the new turnstiles providing paper based access management for Visitors.

CityPoint use Gallagher (Cardax) Access Control on-site to currently manage over 4,000 full time staff and approx. 10,000 visitors per month.

Due to a previous working relationship with Gallagher and Visitor management systems (VMS), Digital Forge were contacted by Gallagher to join them on the tender.

The Solution

The project started in May 2013 and saw the creation of “BluePoint”. BluePoint is our cloud based multi-tenant Visitor Management system providing integrated Access Control into 3rd Party software providers over the cloud.

BluePoint empowers a building’s tenants by allowing them to invite their own Visitors to the site, emailing an invitation with a QR code to the guest, which they can use as their pass on arrival.

BluePoint delivers significant improvements in the management of visitor’s by reducing overheads involved with creating appointments
and tracking the activity while empowering occupiers to control their own visits.

The system was delivered in October 2013 and training for the Occupiers took place in November ready for the launch in January 2014.

Technologies Used

Many technologies were utilised to bring this solution to life. Over the course of 12 months we heavily redefined the Visitor Management system from a secure perspective. Please visit the main BluePoint site to find out more.


BluePoint VMS

Our cloud based VMS offering a highly scaleable, secure return on your investment.


Command Centre 7.10

Gallagher’s Command Centre integrates with the QR readers in the turnstiles and talks to BluePoint via our REACH solution.


Azure Services

Microsoft’s Azure suite of services are, secure, fast and highly scaleable and epitomise what cloud hosting is all about.