Designed with you and your visitors in mind, BluePoint is a fast, cost- effective and secure visitor management solution (VMS).

Cloud based, BluePoint, offers a multitude of check-in options from anywhere in the world.

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BluePoint has totally transformed the visitor journey for us here at CityPoint, visitor’s are highly impressed with the experience.Lee Murray, Building Manager, CityPoint

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In large multi-site businesses there is often a problem of multiple vendor access control systems in use. This creates siloed data, independent management and multiple access control cards.
A common frustration associated with this is people having to carry around multiple building access control cards.

REACH solves this problem.


Middleware API

A device agnostic web API allowing you to integrate multiple Access Control systems into one platform.


Multi-Vendor Support

Support for many leading vendors such as Gallagher, TDSi, Lenel and Paxton


One Interface

Plug your Business processes into our Web API, providing a consistent approach to your Access Control.

People Counting done right

Accurately track and monitor your visitors.
Using state of the art infrared cameras with 98% accuracy Abacus gives you the best analysis of footfall within your retail outlet or business.

Digital Forge have created a superb solution in Abacus, helping the customer visualise their footfall and conversion rates across all of their retail stores.Orion Security

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